Government of the People,   

by the People   and   

for the People

Fiscal Responsibility

Congressional Integrity

National Security

Constitutional Freedom 


Here's the 2010 Tax Day Tea Party Pictures

Calaveras County 912 Tea Party 2009 Pictures - See the Flyer

 4th of July 2009 Angels Camp Pictures & the 8/28/09 Sacramento Rally Pictures


We are getting connected with all those people who want to participate in the movement to take back our country.   Things are developing from the grass roots . . .  from the bottom up, so we are not very well organized yet.   Please contact us with information on how you might help with your knowledge, your leadership, your enthusiasm, and your courage.   Send your emails to Sandy Arbogast at:  spa56@comcast.net

Unalienable Rights  Freedom and Excessive Government Control teapartypatriots.org

          Sheriff Mack Video
Glenn Beck and the Tea Party Posters

Calaveras Tea Party

The Platform of the American People